Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Most breathtaking wholesale lingerie at the Tony Awards

Last week, people all over the United States had the chance to see one of the biggest events of the year: the 2012 Tony Awards. This festivity is extraordinary and unique, being one of the few award shows that celebrate the theater. Overall, the celebration was a success, the host of the night, Neil Patrick Harris, pulled it off and numerous great actors and actresses shined on the red carpet with their elegant tuxedos and sparkling wholesale lingerie. Even though the theater actors are not used to dress for the red carpet, it seems that this year they managed to show off.
One of the best appearances at the Tons was Amanda Siegfried. She presented one of the awards and she had a fun and elegant look. She was wearing a gold and purple dress designed by the famous Givenchy and she wisely paired it with an orange belt. Not many people loved this combination, but the critics stated that it was clever and interesting. The overall ensemble was completed by the sparkling Fred Leighton earrings. Among the best wholesale lingerie at these awards was the one worn by Jessica Chastain. The nude dress that she had on was far from trashy and vulgar. Instead, it made her look elegant and classy. The frock was created by Mario’s Schwab and it was embellished with numerous rhinestones.
An extremely elegant appearance was made by the actress Judith Light. She won the award for “Best Actress in a Featured Role”. She also was one of the best dressed of the night. Her floor – sweeping gown was made by Sophie Theiler. She accessorized it with a beautiful Verdure necklace.  
No one was expecting to see Cheryl Crow in one of the most beautiful wholesale lingerie of the night. People always remember her as wearing jeans, but this time she opted for a different look. She wore a smoky gray gown that was embellished with beads. It allowed her to look regal. At the same time, everyone envied Bernadette Peters. Besides winning multiple awards, she also pulled it off on the red carpet by wearing a Donna Karan frock. The mermaid dress was strapless and purple and it made her look absolutely gorgeous. Last, but not least, the critics mentioned Elizabeth A. Davis when talking about stunning wholesale lingerie. Her frock was designed by Christian Soriano and it had an interesting sweeping tulle skirt.
The Tony Awards are one of the best shows in America. They feature singing, dancing, many memorable performances and numerous prizes for the best actresses, actors, directors and plays. At the same time, these awards are about the best wholesale lingerie on the red carpet. The stars that pulled it off this year were Elizabeth A. Davis, Amanda Siegfried, Cheryl Crow, Jessica Chastain, Bernadette Peters and Judith Light. They sparkled at this amazing show in their elegant and classy wholesale lingerie.

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