Friday, December 20, 2013

The very best Windows Phone 7 Apps You Merely Will have to Have

Windows Telephone 7's marketplace just keeps developing and increasing with Microsoft not too long ago stating that they're approving 100 brand new apps to their marketplace on a daily basis. So are you currently finding in around the action yet? No? Effectively you ought to.
To kick start out you off, listed here are 5 apps around the Windows Telephone 7 marketplace which I extremely advise above all other individuals. These apps are excellent for anybody who has just started out using a WP7 handset and also other people who've had theirs given that launch.
I hope you find them valuable. Love!
I never definitely need to explain why Angry Birds is such a hot app proper now; in reality, it has been a hot app ever considering the fact that it launched effectively over a year ago. Not simply can I advise it for its awesomeness, but I may also suggest it for it's constant updates and patches.
Will have to Have App quantity #2: Official Kindle App (who said you cannot read on an LCD?)
E-reading is speedy becoming a hot consumer option for reading, so should you really like reading books then open your app marketplace and grab the Kindle experience of effectively more than 700,000 books. This app launched just several days ago on WP7, and has hit over 28,000 downloads currently.
As of but you cannot get flash on Windows Telephone 7 devices (you are going to soon though!) and so the Adobe Reader app is an okay substitute. It lets you open PDF files from net pages and e-mail attachments seamlessly.
The Official Twitter app for Windows Telephone 7 is actually a good general Twitter tool. It carries across virtually each and every function from the iPhone Twitter app, as well as looks good having a rather clean layout and glossy finish.
So there we go! 5 pretty much important Windows Telephone 7 Apps (okay, so non are reeeeeeally essential) but oh nicely. Delight in.
As pointed out above, Windows Phone 7 handsets never do flash but, and so the official YouTube app is an vital bit of kit which I personally would not choose to live devoid of on a day to day basis. Covering the fundamentals, this app will play any video you like, though the controls are minimal (but okay).
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