Monday, November 25, 2013

Givenchy Perfumes – Ultimate Tribute To Femininity

Givenchy is a brand name that comes so easily amongst the fashion pioneers and perfume industry. It is regarded as the ultimate representative of contemporary luxury and fashion. Hubert de Givenchy, a renowned fashion designer, is the founder of the brand and till date the brand has successfully maintained the founders’ personality and the life and luxury of French aristocracy. The brand lives worldwide to the fullest expectations of its clients who are never ready to compromise with the luxurious style statements. Since its inception in 1957, Givenchy perfumes have created its niche and aroma of ‘Givenchy style’ has been the charm of French nobility.
Givenchy has been closely following the path of sprinkling surprises and creating novelty in the mind of its customers. This has especially been true with ladies. The first perfume ‘Interdit’ was really a stunner among the women folks. The romantic and charming aroma was a real tribute to femininity. Each perfume was created to its unique identity. The fragrances for men always gave a gentleman gesture. The elegance stood at par with other major brands of the time and has proved to bring out brilliant response amongst its users.
Let us shower some spot lights on the major women perfumes of Givenchy which are charming the era with its unique qualities. The house of Givenchy has always been providing great tributes for their women customers. The Very Irresistible Tropical Paradise, launched in 2011 is a succulent blend exotic sunny tropical flavor. It gives a seductive touch and gives the warmth of white sand. Very Irresistible Summer Vibrations, another perfume launched in 2010 offers sensual wave of rhythm and energy. The fragrance reminds us of the exotic paradise beaches and provides warm sensuality. Very Irresistible Summer Sorbet, though introduced in 2009 as limited edition, ranked high with notes of myrrh, rose lemon verbena and woodsy notes. The Dahlia Noir or the “Black Dalia" launched in 2011 gives a powdery fragrance of dusty citrus top notes - floral structure. The notes of mandarin, pink pepper and mimosa on the top rose and iris in core and notes of sandalwood and veil in the base gives it a unique place in the array. The Dance with Givenchy was inspired and designed on the base of Prisme, signature make-up collection by Givenchy and introduced in the beginning of 2010. The notes of jasmine, orange blossom, wood and musk gives a soft sensual touch.
Givenchy Large Antigona Bag with its undisputed role in skincare, cosmetic, fashion boutique and perfume industry is rising to the zenith. They have been found equally charming among the men and women. Givenchy has truly been revolutionizing the fashion world statements.
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