Friday, November 22, 2013

We All Could Be a Queen With Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Different from the Fendi spring 2011 collection, the luxury brand Alexander debut a rather gorgeous spring collection, the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011. Let’s take a closer look to some of them.
Look at the picture above. The shining gold color is gorgeous in the first sight. Besides the eye-catching color, the design is fabulous too. As a clutch bag, it is showing a delicate rectangular shape with the four corners being worn curved to display smooth lines. The large leave shaped decorations in the front are generous and fashionable. The highlight of the bag, I must say, is the handle which is designed into four loops with two golden skull skeletons above it, very overpowering. As the only bag being presented during the line’s runway show, this gorgeous and overpowering bag surely appealed the fashionistas’ attention for a look of the rest of the collection.
Then comes to the tassels decorated clutch bag. Being themed in black, this one is but elegant and graded, with a golden skull at top making a sharp contrast to the general theme and upgrading the bag to a higher level. It is the perfect bag for evening parties and night dates.
This bag is very graceful making the one who carries it like a queen. It is themed white and decorated by well placed studs in the body. The golden lock closure is eye catching too. The flap is adorned by several big leaves in white. It is very considerate that you can carry it with hands or in the shoulder. It will absolutely win more second glimpses for you with this bag in the street.
With ALEXANDER MCQUEEN  Heroine satchel, there is no need for you to worry about being leveled down to the ordinary crowd in the street.
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